Prime Management has been working in the hospitality and vacation club industry for over 25 years, we have managed, owned and operated facilities in multiple countries.  Our knowledge of the industry and having the insider knowledge gives us a unique advantage over our competitors.

We market our client’s properties for rental and resale; and the best part is we are able to fulfill our client’s desires in most case scenarios at a $ 0 net cost.


The question you should be asking yourself now is, HOW?   Call us, we will explain!

In some cases, our clients might owe money on a vacation ownership property (deeded and/or titled memberships) and they can no longer afford to pay the monthly installments, we can help, we can terminate the transaction.  We do need to ask a few questions, depending on your answers we will say yes or no, and there is no cost to call and ask us.

On all of our services we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee, we do accomplish what we say and we put our money on the line to prove it. 
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