Jon Dee Noe, CEO


From my youth, my grandfather would take me to board meetings, he owned over a 100 fast food restaurants, plus his factory and his real estate company. He would teach me about listening to the clients, making modifications to what the clients desired and needed.  My family always taught me efficiency, intellect, and most of all productivity were the key factors of a successful working environment.

I have gone from being the Chief Operations Officer of a large resort group that sold $ 100s of millions in timeshare to owning my own resorts (I do not sell timeshare at my properties). The knowledge I bring to the table about the industry far surpasses what other companies can even begin to understand.

Our clients are first, period. We are here to assist our clients not anyone else, my one and only goal every time is the client wins, it really is that simple. 

You can learn more about Mr. Noe on LinkedIn. 

Bradley Randall_unnamed.png

Bradley Randall, JD In-House Counsel


Mr. Randall is a licensed attorney in Arizona and North Carolina and represents PMR as legal counsel for the business. Although Mr. Randall doesn’t represent PMR clients directly, he does help PMR stay up to date with the latest legal trends and solutions related to the timeshare industry. He is passionate about making sure PMR provides the very best solutions for its clients.

When he’s not helping PMR grow into the best timeshare exit company in the industry, Mr. Randall enjoys practicing international corporate and international tax law at his law firm, Randall & Associates. His law firm’s website can be found at

You can learn more about Mr. Randall on LinkedIn.  

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